British Bees Phone Case


Image of British Bees Phone Case

Pollinators like bees are responsible for creating Coffee & Chocolate, Which seems to me, the perfect reasoning to give these little fellas their very own case. Originally created using a freehand watercolour technique, this design was then scanned and manipulated digitally. Colours are warm & vibrant. The Great British Bees featured include: The Honey Bee, The White Tailed Bumble Bee, The Red Tailed Bumble Bee, The Early Bumble Bee & The Small Garden Bumble Bee.
Professionally printed in the UK.

Case has holes for access to buttons, sockets & the camera lens.

*Important: All cases will differ slightly due to the size of your specified case. For example the iPhone 6 case is larger in comparison to the iPhone 5 case. The larger print area on the iPhone 6 will mean that the design will appear much larger/zoomed in, but will not affect the quality of the print.*


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