Peaches and Co is an Independent brand based in the South East of England.
The brand is managed by myself, Danielle Jeffery. I am currently 22 years of age and run P and C in my spare time. I work from my home studio and have fully converted this space with the facilities I need to run the business.

In October 2014, during my final year of College, I lost confidence in my creative capabilities. I tore out page after page within my coursework because I thought it wasn’t ‘good enough’. University was no longer of interest to me and I was unsure of what I wanted for my future. This internal battle with myself was the catalyst that inspired me to create an online space to present my ideas. 

I received so much love and support on social media from people all over the world. P and C has slowly allowed me to regrow my confidence and I am a much better person for it.
The website has been active since January 2016 and I am loving every minute.

Through using this online platform I hope to develop my skills within this creative field and continue to tailor to young individuals seeking fresh thinking and good vibes.

Stay updated and follow my journey on Instagram @Peachesandcoshop or Twitter @Peachesandco

Thank you for all of the love,
Danielle x