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Sunny Phone Case


Mustard is in. Stripes are in. SUNNY is in.

Over at Peaches and Co we are known for our watercolour cases. Through the editing process, background colours are experimented with but often left white. Old style Camper-vans are notorious for their signature stripes and bold colours. To recognise this we have created the ‘Happy Camper’ series; primarily to focus on Background colours and revolutionise our brand.

Professionally Printed in the UK.
Case has holes for access to buttons, sockets & the camera lens.
*Important: All cases will differ slightly due to the size of your specified case. For example the iPhone 6 case is larger in comparison to the iPhone 5 case. The larger print area on the iPhone 6 will mean that the design will appear much larger/zoomed in, but will not affect the quality of the print.*

Phone Cases can be printed in two finishes: Glossy or Matte.
P&C recommends: Glossy (Subject to opinion.)

Please read our FAQ before purchasing.

Image of Sunny Phone Case Image of Sunny Phone Case